Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

I have made my order but then some of my product has been sold out (or the colour is not available), can I do product exchange or refund?

Yes, you can. We will contact you by personal message or email in less than 24 hours since you made the payment. You can exchange product or even refund. However, any SALE are NOT refundable by cash. In this case, we will send you any item based on availability if we cannot reach you.Therefore, please fill the details correctly when you sign up as we will use your data to communicate. Note that we only have BCA bank account. We will not cover any admin fee from any other bank.

When should I pay?

When you press the “Checkout” button, you will only have 2 HOURS to do the payment (you need to do the payment confirmation over the website). After 2 hours, your order will be automatically cancelled. Moral of the story: Make a payment as soon as you click checkout.

Packaged received! However, the quantity is not correct, what can I do?

Please contact our customer care within 3 days max after you’ve received the package and back to us within 1 week (from the moment you’ve received the package). Failure to do so may result refund being rejected.

Is it possible to refund my money on sale item?

No.You can only exchange with greater value product.

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